President / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Joe Lim Hun Beng  started his career in his early twenties. His main focus throughout the years has been strategic business and property development in the Asia, more specifically, Malaysia and China. Mr. Lim is a principal of Hampshire Group, the Company’s significant shareholder.

​In 1992, Mr. Lim set up a joint-venture company with the local government of the city of Zhuhai, China to develop a 3.6 km2 property, which includes Formula One standard race circuit, a 36-hole golf course, and a mix of residential and commercial buildings. In 2006, Mr. Lim founded Hampshire Group, the Company actively involved in green energy, environmentally-friendly property development and agriculture. In 2010 Mr. Lim took over Linear Group, a Malaysian corporation specializing in manufacturing and operating industrial HVAC projects.


Charles has held many senior positions in several public listed and privately owned companies from managing the companies and contributing to their expansion plans in collaboration with financial strategies. He has more than 20 years experienced from corporate restructuring exercise to dual listing of companies around the world; Börse, NASDAQ to Bursa Malaysia.  Charles brings with him a business savvy with excellent corporate network and strategies.



Currently, Charles is playing a key role in helping the company to chart the financial and corporate paths.



Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Ong See-Ming was appointed to the Board of Directors on August 14, 2017. Mr. Ong was born in Singapore but spent his formative years in the U.K. After going to school in London and graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Oriental Studies, Mr. Ong started his banking career in the City of London. Initially, he worked as a portfolio manager, but later relocated back to Singapore and specialized in wealth management. Mr. Ong has held senior positions with Standard Chartered, Barclays and Societe Generale.

He now travels extensively throughout South East Asia providing corporate advisory services to start-up businesses and holds personal stakes in some of these companies.



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